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Howdy, I’m Shawn, and I am the founder of Beginner Cycling Tips.

About Beginner Cycling Tips

I remember a time about 13 years ago when I was not into cycling. Back then, I was into smoking cigarettes, getting drunk, eating greasy burgers to cure my hangovers, and doing as little physical activity as possible. I was fat. I would get winded easily. I ate too much. I was definitely bound for a short life. I doubt I’d have made it to the pandemic, let alone through it.

But 12 years ago, I had an epiphany while bending down to tie my boots at work and then being out of breath because of it. I immediately realized how unhealthy I was and that I had ruined most of my 20s with my health choices and bad habits. It scared me. I started going to the gym and hated it. I got depressed.

But then a co-worker suggested I buy a bicycle and ride it on the weekends. I remember being a kid and loving my bike. So, I tried it out. I rode 20 miles in one day for the first time on my mountain bike as an adult. My butt hurt a lot, but I fell in love with it. I bought some bike shorts and went back and did 20 more miles the next day. From then on out, I was a cyclist.

Fast forward to 2023, I am a road cycling, mountain biker, gravel rider, and bikepacker. I’m all about adventure and travel more than I’m about competition. But I do like to dabble here and there in competitive cycling. I have quite a few bikes, and really good bikes, for that matter. I have more bike clothing than regular clothing. I’m really into cycling, and I love helping other people get into cycling, too.


About the Beginner Cycling Tips Blog

I created this blog to help beginners and cyclists wanting to learn more about bicycles and cycling. I provide weekly tips and reviews about different forms of cycling. I cater to all ages, genders, and cyclist types on this blog. I also do weekly newsletters with exclusive cycling information, and I update my blog’s social media channels on a daily basis. Check out my blog, newsletter, and social media channels for more cycling tips and reviews.

This is a free service. If you’d like to support my efforts by providing this free feature, consider Buying Me a Coffee. I can always use coffee!

Thank you for visiting the About Beginner Cycling Tips page and enjoy the rest of the blog.

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