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Please read the FAQ sections below to find out more about our advertising, product review, and guest contribution process. For more information and guidelines on contributing sponsored content and guest posts, please read our Editorial Principles.

Advertising and Sponsored Content FAQs

How much is advertising and sponsored content?

Ad Prices

Ad prices vary by ad type and ad location. We sell ads in the header area just below the main title of posts and below the main menu on the homepage. Ad prices are as follows:

  • Banner Ad on Homepage = $50/mo (rotation-based)
  • Banner Ad on Post Page = $25/mo per post (rotation-based)


Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts cost $50 per post. All sponsored posts are labeled as sponsored content per US regulations. Asking for this to be waived will likely result in rejection.

Are there any sponsored content requirements?

All sponsored content links are “nofollow”.

All sponsored content is labeled as “Sponsored”.

Sponsored content must be unique and original content. It may not be created or generated using AI.

If you provide images for the sponsored content, you must provide licenses for using the images.

Sponsored content must be accurate and not misleading. Clickbait is prohibited.

We reserve the right to terminate a deal and reject offers.

What plans or services are available?

Sponsored post on the blog. (Starting at $50)

Banner Ads on blog posts and homepage headers. (Starting at $30)

Banner/text ad on the newsletter header. (Starting at $25)

Social media ad blast. (Starting at $10)

Product Review FAQs

What products may be reviewed?

Cycling-related products

Sporting/fitness-related products

Outdoor recreation that can be related to cycling

Services-related to cycling

Are there any sponsored content requirements?

Links will be “No Follow”.

We inform our readers that a product is being reviewed – full FTC-required disclosures.

We only do honest reviews.

If photos are used, must provide use-licensing.

Accurate information only.

Right to terminate or not renew partnership.

Guest Contributions (Free) FAQs

What constitutes as a free guest contribution?

Non-commercial guest blog

Non-commercial product review

Non-commercial article/review for the newsletter

Are there any rules for free guest contributions?

Nofollow, non-commercial link

Labeled as a guest contribution

Honest and accurate non-AI-generated unique content

If photos are used, must provide use licensing

Right to terminate or not renew partnership

How to get free guest contributions?

Contact Us for more information.

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