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12 Skill-Shattering Cycling Training Mistakes to Avoid this Year

Are you making these cycling training mistakes?

A lot of cyclists do make these mistakes. This is especially true for beginner cyclists.

Making these mistakes will have negative consequences for cyclists over time. It’s easy to get into the habit of continuing these mistakes, too.

In this post, I’ll show you 12 cycling training mistakes to avoid so that you can focus your efforts on becoming a better cyclist.

Cycling Training Mistakes

Avoid these Cycling Training Mistakes at All Costs

Prevent losing your skills and techniques as a cyclist by avoiding the following critical cycling training mistakes at all costs.


1 – Lack of Cycling Consistency

Cycling skills improve when you’re consistent with improving your skills.

This means you need to train regularly, improve regularly, and, most importantly, ride regularly.

You can change it up, and you should, but to improve your cycling, you need to be consistent about riding and training.

Not being consistent is one of those cycling training mistakes you really want to avoid.


2 – Not Enough Recovery Time

While you should be consistent, as I instructed you to do above, you still need to recover.

You don’t need to bike every single day, or at least not train hard every day.

You should allow yourself to recover from high-intensity bike rides and longer events.

Pushing yourself too hard and not resting will likely result in injuries.


3 – Counting Miles instead of Time

Too many beginner cyclists are making these cycling training mistakes.

Quit counting miles as a form of bike training.

Miles aren’t helping you become a stronger cyclist.

Instead, you should look at the time it takes you to ride a certain number of miles and work on improving that time.


4 – A Lack of Cycling Routine Variety

It’s a bad idea to do the same thing over and over again.

Riding the same route, the same miles, the same time, etc., will not help you achieve your training goals.

You have to mix it up so your body doesn’t get used to your routine.

A lack of variety is one of those cycling training mistakes to avoid.


5 – No Off-Bike Training

You need to do more than just bike to be a better cyclist.

I like to go hiking to improve my lower body muscles and kayaking to improve my upper body.

Some people prefer weight training.

You should at least have other forms of exercise while off the bike.

Beginner Cyclists

6 – Bad Hydration and Nutrition

These two mistakes are probably some of the worst cycling training mistakes you can make.

Poor hydration can lead to injuries and critical mistakes on the bike.

Poor nutrition can do the same.

Make sure to constantly hydrate and take in nutrition while on the bike.


7 – Stopping Too Often on the Bike

You need to learn how to push through the intensity of your bike rides.

You might want to stop and take a break, but should you?

Instead, try slowing down a little on your ride and pacing yourself better.

When you stop, you lose momentum.


8 – Quitting Cycling in the Winter

Quitting your cycling routine just because it’s cold outside is a very big mistake.

Everything you worked up to during the warmer months gets wasted at that point.

Then, when it’s warm again, you’re starting all over again.

Either get winter gear and suck it up or start doing indoor cycling routines.

Different Designs

9 – Not Wearing the Right Cycling Apparel

Cycling deserves its own gear and apparel.

Embrace Lycra and Spandex and get a good cycling kit.

A jersey and bib shorts will go a long way into your cycling journey.

Make sure the shorts are padded for maximum comfort on the bike.


10 – Riding Too Hard

Riding too hard is definitely one of the biggest cycling training mistakes to make.

Don’t jump on the bike, and start riding as hard as you can.

Try warming up first, maintaining good nutrition and hydration, and doing intervals of harder riding.

Riding hard from the get-go is a great way to quickly bonk out and even get hurt.


11 – Relying Too Much on Your Cycling Group Rides

Cycling clubs and group rides are a great way to get better at cycling.

But you also need to train alone or with just one more cyclist from time to time.

Drafting from the group every time won’t help you with all your training.

You need to be able to do the work by yourself, too.


12 – Poor Cycling Goal Setting

Many cycling training mistakes happen because of poorly set riding goals.

Be realistic about your cycling goals.

If you want to lose 100 pounds in one month, you’re living in a fairytale.

Choose goals that are actually going to be easy to complete when you put some work into it.


Final Thoughts About Cycling Training Mistakes to Avoid

You can avoid most cycling training mistakes. The ones listed above are only a few. There is more to learn. You might make some mistakes, too—it happens to us all. You just have to keep pedaling.

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