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19 Tips to Improve Your Cycling Routines in 2024

You should improve your cycling routines as much as possible.

The better you get at cycling, the stronger rider you will become. Improvement leads to the ability to ride better, race better, and really fully enjoy all aspects of cycling.

In this article, I’ll share 19 tips for improving your cycling routines in 2024 and beyond.

Improve your cycling routines!

Cyclists Should Learn Every Day

There is no stopping point in learning some new about cycling.

You can improve your cycling routines by looking for new things to learn as much as you can. Whether you read about something for a few minutes or try a new technique on your next ride, you should be taking in new knowledge every day, if possible.

The more you learn about cycling, the better you will get at riding your bike.

There’s a lot to learn, too. I’ve been riding for over a decade, and I’m still learning new things every time I ride.

Get cycling books, subscribe to cycling newsletters, listen to cycling podcasts, and read articles like this one and on other cycling blogs to gain new and useful cycling knowledge on a daily basis or when you’re able to.

You’ll thank yourself for being open to learning new things because it’ll make riding your bike a lot easier.

Road Bike

How to Improve Your Cycling Routines

The following tips will help you improve your cycling routines and get better each time you ride your bike.


1 – Have Fun and Enjoy Cycling

The first tip that will greatly improve your cycling routine is to have fun and enjoy cycling.

Cycling should never be a chore. It should be fun every time you do it.

If you can’t have fun cycling, you either need to slow down or find a different activity.


2 – Communicate at All Times

Make sure you’re communicating with everyone while riding your bike.

This doesn’t just include your fellow cyclists, either.

You should be communicating with people on foot and vehicle drivers by talking or using hand signals, bells, and other forms of communication.


3 – Get Street Smart About Cycling

Learn the street as you continue to improve your cycling routines.

Try to get familiar with the way people drive and park and what obstacles are always present.

The more you understand other users and their behavior where you ride, the less likely you’ll ever get into a dangerous situation.


4 – Bike with Others

Try to improve your cycling routines by riding with other cyclists and helping each other out.

You can learn a lot more about cycling and your cycling technique by riding with another rider or even a group ride.

It’s also beneficial to find other riders so that you can grow your cyclist social networking capabilities.


5 – Smile and Wave at Fellow Cyclists

Be friendly to other cyclists that you see while on a ride.

They’re just like you. They’re in the same boat. They desire the same outcome.

If you see one, smile and wave, even if they don’t do it back.


6 – Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

No one says you have to stick with one bike shop, one bike brand, one kit brand, or anything else like that.

Shop around and find your perfect match at the price you are comfortable paying.

It’s good to support local when possible but it’s also ideal to not bankrupt yourself if you simply can’t afford something.


7 – Support a Local Bike Shop

While I said above that you can shop around, you should still try to support local bike shops when possible.

They know bikes better than any big chain retail store. They’ll make sure you get a bike that fits your body and your needs.

And don’t be afraid to support several local bike shops if you have a few in your area.


8 – Consider a Gravel Bike instead of a Road Bike

Gravel bikes are becoming the new road bikes.

A road bike is great if all you want to do is ride on paved roads.

A gravel bike is great if you want to ride on any sort of road and be able to go even further.


9 – Watch for Parked Cars

Sometimes, parked cars are more dangerous than moving cars.

People might open their doors suddenly because they don’t see you and you don’t see them.

And hitting a parked car on a bike is like hitting a brick wall.


10 – Check the Weather Forecast

The weather can make or break your cycling adventures.

Study it on a daily basis so that you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

If the weather is supposed to be too rough, you can always ride on a better day.


11 – Just Ride Your Bike

At the end of the day, you can improve your cycling routines by just riding your bike.

Don’t let yourself get caught and mixed up with all the drama that comes with cycling.

Just ride your bikes and enjoy it because that’s really what matters in the end.


12 – Read Cycling Blogs and Watch Cycling Videos

There are a lot of cycling blogs and videos out there to consume.

This blog and other blogs are available for you to read.

You should also seek out cycling videos on YouTube and other video sources.


13 – Use the Right Bike for the Right Terrain

There are many different types of bicycles to choose from.

Not all bikes can ride on the same terrain.

Make sure you research and choose the right bike for the kind of riding you want to do.


14 – Don’t Distract Yourself When Cycling with Motorists

Be really careful when riding on the road with motor vehicle drivers.

Don’t listen to music or distract yourself.

It just takes one mistake to get killed on the road while riding your bike.


15 – Use Hand Signals

Learn and use hand signals while riding on the road.

Don’t expect vehicle drivers to know your next move.

Use hand signals to increase your safety.

Cycling Gear Basics

16 – Don’t Be Afraid of Lycra

Lycra isn’t as bad as it looks.

It helps you as a cyclist in so many ways.

And your fellow cyclist won’t judge you either. Vehicle drivers? Who cares…


17 – Join a Cycling Club or Group Ride and Be Social

Cycling is a great opportunity to be more socially involved and build friendships.

Join a bike club, ride with a group, and make friends.

You can really improve your cycling routines when you’re around other cyclists.


18 – Obey the Rules of the Road

The rules of the road apply to you, too.

They help direct drivers to avoid crashing into cyclists, but they also help cyclists avoid crashing into drivers.

Make sure you follow them, and that includes stopping at stop signs and not doing stupid acts that can easily get you killed.


19 – Try to Plan Your Bike Routes

You can improve your cycling routines by planning your bike routes.

If you plan your cycling route, then you know what to expect.

You can also determine what mileage, elevation, and scenery you’d like to bike in.


Final Thoughts About New Cyclists

It’s important to improve your cycling routines when you can. Follow the advice above, as well as what you learn in combination with riding, and you’ll do better at biking. As you keep biking, you’ll learn more about how to make it easier.

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