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NeoPro Cycling Kit Review: Splash Jersey & Cargo Bib Shorts

Have you ever tried a NeoPro cycling kit before?

This is a review of the Splash Jersey and Onyx Cargo Bib Shorts by NeoPro Cycling Apparel. NeoPro Cycling is a growing cycling apparel company based in Brisbane, Australia, and distributes to most of the world.

Cycling kits are important components of cycling. A good kit will help you stay comfortable and safe and increase your performance on your bike. Your cycling kit must be a good kit or the impacts of wearing it will likely be negative.

The following review will give an extensive detailed look at the NeoPro Cycling Kit using the Splash Jersey and the Onyx Cargo Bib Shorts.

This kit is available for both men and women. This is a review of the men’s kit. However, NeoPro advertises these items as unisex.

This is an honest review of the NeoPro cycling kit. I have not been paid or encouraged to review these items from NeoPro Cycling or anyone else.

NeoPro Cycling Kit

NeoPro Cycling Kit Overview

This is my overall review of the NeoPro Cycling Kit, including the Splash Short-Sleeve Jersey and Onyx Cargo Bib Shorts.


Splash Jersey (XXL)

The first piece of my new NeoPro cycling kit is the Splash jersey.

I purchased the short-sleeve XXL. Sizes come in XXXS to XXXXL. There is also a long-sleeve variant with the same sizing options.

The jersey material is soft and comfortable, thin but durable. It’s designed to be a race jersey, so it’s more tight-fitting than other jerseys I have that are also XXL.

It’s a full-length zipped jersey with the standard three pockets on the back. There is no zipper stash pocket like some jerseys provide.

The cost of the jersey was AUD 64.99, which converted to USD 42.99.

NeoPro Splash Jersey
Jersey Sleeve
Jersey Pocket

Onyx Cargo Bib Shorts (XL)

The second piece of my NeoPro cycling kit is the Onyx cargo bib shorts.

I purchased the XL based on what the size chart read for my waist size. The sizes go from XXXS to XXXXL.

The material is software and compressive. It felt durable. It’s made from Lycra.

The pockets are also made from Lycra. They are very stretchy but firm enough to keep your stored items in place.

The cost of the bob shorts was AUD 109.99, which converted to USD 72.76.

NeoPro Oynx Cargo Bib Shorts
Leg Bands
Bib Shorts Cargo Pocket
NeoPro Branding
Bib Shorts Back

NeoPro Cycling Kit Fit and Comfort

This section explains my overall opinions concerning the fit and comfort of my NeoPro cycling kit after wearing it on a longer bike ride.


Splash Jersey Fit

The fit of the Splash short-sleeve jersey was tighter than I was used to for an XXL jersey. But it does fit in terms of length and overall comfort.

I later realized that I had failed to see that it was a race fit, meaning it would be more tight-fitting than most jerseys. Nonetheless, it fits great and looks good on me. I rode a fairly long ride wearing it, and it remained comfortable for the duration of the ride.

I’m 6’5” tall, and it fits me well. It stops right at my waistline.

I would suggest sizing up one or even two more sizes if you prefer a baggier-fitting jersey.

Overall, I’m happy with the fit and comfort of the Splash short-sleeve jersey.


Onyx Cargo Bib Shorts Fit

The cargo bit shorts fit well but are a bit more tight-fitting than I expected. However, they feel more compressive than tight. Compression is beneficial for muscle recovery during longer bike rides.

The material is Lycra. It is soft and very comfortable.

The bib shorts have a good stretch to them while still being able to remain compressive.

Overall, I found the bib shorts comfortable, and they fit me well.


NeoPro Cycling Kit Performance and Functionality

This section outlines the overall performance and functionality of my NeoPro cycling kit after using it during my longer gravel bike ride.


Jersey Performance and Functionality

The jersey waistband is made from silicon. The gripper uses a pattern theme reflecting the NeoPro cycling kit brand rather than just a plain silicon band. I felt that the gripper did its job and kept my jersey in place during my ride.

The jersey is made from polyester and is rated for UPF40 sun protection. The arm sleeves are designed in a way to be more breathable. I felt the jersey did well in terms of wicking moisture from my body.

The pockets are reinforced to allow you to hold more without worrying about them breaking. I stored my wallet, keys, leg warmers, snacks, and a GoPro camera in a hand grip in mine, and everything felt very secure.

There are reflective tabs on the jersey to help with being seen in low light. I find the overall colors (blue and white) and pattern to also be a good awareness indicator for motorists if cycling on the roadway.

When I put the jersey on, there was no stitch tearing. The zipper was efficient and felt durable.

Overall, I found the jersey to function and perform like it should.


Bib Shorts Performance and Functionality

The bib shorts’ material uses Lycra, which is very moisture-wicking and breathable for the most part. However, the pockets did retain some moisture from leg sweat.

A suggestion for future cargo pockets might be to use a stretchy mesh as the whole pocket or even just part of the pocket to allow more breathability.

The bib straps are comfortable and made from mesh fabric. This allowed them to breathe, wick moisture, and stretch to the shape of my body without pain from too much compression.

I’m tall, so that was a big deal to me for functionality.

The leg bands are double polyester. The NeoPro cycling kit bib shorts have the most comfortable leg bands of all cycling apparel I’ve ever worn, and I’ve worn many brands. They stayed put without any issues.

The chamois is amazing. It’s not like most pads. This one really conforms the top side to your bodily makeup and then the bottom side to the saddle you’re sitting on. It’s truthfully one of the best chamois I’ve ever sat on during a bike ride. It’s triple foam density. There are 3mm, 7mm, and 13mm sections protecting you everywhere that need to be protected.

Overall, I felt these bib shorts outperformed other bib shorts on the market.


NeoPro Cycling Kit Style and Fashion

The jersey has an ocean theme, which I found fashionable and brightly colored for better visibility. The design features oceanic coloring, such as a few different blue and white themes. It looks a lot like waves.

I find the pattern and colors to be fun and appealing to the eyes.

The tightness was more than I expected, but not too much. In fact, it made me look skinnier than I actually am. I find the jersey to be flattering.

Aside from the gripper pattern, the logos on the jersey are relatively small and non-intrusive.

I enjoy the way the jersey looks, and when I received it, it looked how I expected it to based on the photos on their website.

The bib shorts also exceeded my expectations in terms of style and fashion.

Looking down at them, they are flattering and make me feel like I look good in them. Looking in the mirror gave me the same result.

The rear of the bib short is double layered meaning it’s not transparent when you’re in aerodynamic positions and you’re stretching the fabric to its max.

The logo is not intrusive and sits on the back of the bib above your bottom. It is also reflective.

You can get the bib in onyx (black), army green, purple, gray, and dark navy blue. I chose black Onyx. I’ll likely go with the army green or gray next.

There was no stitch tearing as I put the bib shorts on. The seams and stitching were all comfortable and didn’t leave marks on me when I took them off after my ride.

I am very impressed with the cargo bib shorts in my NeoPro cycling kit.

NeoPro Cycling Kit

Kit Price and Value

The overall cost of my NeoPro cycling kit was AUD 194.98, which converts to USD 128.98, including USD 13.28 for shipping.

I chose standard shipping and received it in 14 days. I’m not sure if it was shipped from Australia or the United States, as they have distribution centers in both countries.

For the price and value, I found this kit to cost less than what I think it’s worth. If some of the other cycling apparel companies sold this same kit, I’m sure it would cost over USD 250.00.

The cargo bib shorts are my favorite cargo bib shorts out of any other brand I’ve used.


Comparison to other Cycling Kits

Compared to other brands, I find the jersey to be about the same as a $150-$200 USD jersey. It is very premium like you would get with Voler, Rapha, and other premium brands.

The cargo bib shorts are the best I’ve ever tried. They are better than those of Pearl Izumi, Aero Tech Designs, The Black Bibs, and Baleaf.

I find this kit to be very competitive with other cycling apparel brands.


NeoPro Cycling Kit Pros and Cons

The following are my pros and cons for the NeoPro cycling kit based on my purchase and use of the jersey and cargo bib shorts.


NeoPro Cycling Kit Pros

  • The price and value make this kit an affordable but premium cycling kit.
  • The delivery cost and time were fairly standard.
  • The NeoPro company and community are active in the cycling community.
  • The material and durability exceeded my expectations.
  • There is a large selection of jerseys and bib shorts.
  • The NeoPro cycling kit is very comfortable.


NeoPro Cycling Kit Cons

  • I couldn’t find any information about the country where the kit was manufactured.
  • The sizing is accurate but seems to fit a bit smaller than expected.
  • The bib shorts’ cargo pocket could retain moisture and needs some mesh to make it more breathable.


Final Thoughts About the NeoPro Cycling Kit

My final thoughts about the Splash Jersey and Cargo Bib Shorts NeoPro cycling kit are that it’s worth buying.

I’ll definitely be getting more kits from NeoPro cycling in the near future.

I’m happy with my purchase even after using it and judging its pros and cons.

The cargo bib shorts are my favorite cargo bib shorts.

I would rate this kit a 9 out of 10, with 10 being the best.

If you’re interested in purchasing this NeoPro cycling kit, you can get the jersey and the cargo bib shorts from the NeoPro Cycling website.

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